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Featured Items

A Great Philharmonic Show
Current Bid: $ 35.00 

Hilton Garden Inn
Current Bid: $ 70.00 

Lunch With Mrs. Bicandi
Current Bid: $ 52.00 




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Top 10 Items!

  1. Cruise to Cozumel and Honduras!
  2. Costco Gift Certificate
  3. Chandler's Steakhouse
  4. Fund-a-Need - Direct Donation to St. Joseph's HSA
  5. Lava Hot Springs Family Day Pass
  6. First Holy Communion Front Pew
  7. Bishop Kelly High School Football Camp
  8. Nail Polish Day for Girls
  9. Blue Sky Bagels For A Year
  10. Get to Be School Announcer for a Day!

Fund a Need!

Fund-a-Need - Direct Donation to St. Joseph's HSA

 $ 30,000.00

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Thank You to Everyone who Attended the 49th Annual Crab Feed Auction & Dinner!

Help us reach our Goal!